29 December 2013

LIST: Eleven's 11

Good morning. Given the Matt Smith era has now petered out, presented below is a list of my personal top eleven episodes transmitted during his time on Doctor Who, each followed by an eleven-word review. See the theme now? These choices are based on the quality of the episode as a whole, rather than being the best episodes for the Eleventh Doctor, if that makes sense.

Which it almost certainly doesn't.


11. Amy's Choice
written by Simon Nye | directed by Catherine Morshead

Nice idea, well executed. Amy is surprisingly bearable in this one.

10. The Snowmen
written by Steven Moffat | directed by Saul Metzstein

Pleasant children, Clara's best introduction. Why deny us this setup, Moffat?

9. The Hungry Earth
written by Chris Chibnall | directed by Ashley Way

Chibnall's finest, with some good setup and atmosphere, and little Amy.

8. The God Complex
written by Toby Whithouse | directed by Nick Hurran

Hurran, Smith and Whithouse weave magic, with a great Ponds exit.

7. The Vampires of Venice
written by Toby Whithouse | directed by Jonny Campbell

Arthur Darvill steals the show in this traditional yet innovative story.

6. A Town Called Mercy
written by Toby Whithouse | directed by Saul Metzstein

Great gags, nice action-filled character piece. Whithouse on top form.

5. The Crimson Horror
written by Mark Gatiss | directed by Saul Metzstein

Wonderful, a glorious Hinchcliffe-Moffat era mish mash that works brilliantly.

4. The Lodger
written by Gareth Roberts | directed by Catherine Morshead

Smith and Corden are brilliant; I wish they'd got another episode.

3. Hide
written by Neil Cross | directed by Jamie Payne

A superb debut for Cross and Payne, it's pacy yet calm.

2. Closing Time
written by Gareth Roberts | directed by Stephen Woolfenden

Simply perfection, only dampened by continuity and the last few minutes.

1. Vincent and the Doctor
written by Richard Curtis | directed by Jonny Campbell

A masterpiece, something very special thanks to Curtis, Campbell and Curran.

Well, there you have it. Do let me know what you think of my choices. I'm sure some omissions or inclusions will have ruffled a few feathers. Well, I hope so.

Until next time.

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